This site is a placeholder for when my real site goes down; which happens occasionally. Please visit http://emmmmerz.com/ for the real thing. (:

Great News! (No Fooling!)
Emmmmerz has been revamped; almost all recipes are being moved to Dimpled Kitchen and this blog will be more ‘Mommy-ish’. Content here will reflect more military life, mommyhood, eco-mindfulness, frugality & finances, and such things.

Today I logged onto my blog to find it had been hacked.

Not exactly the thing I was expecting, and to be honest it rather hurt. A lot. I have never been a regular and dedicated blogger, but I still have invested quite some time into my blog, and to find ALL of it gone was not a good feeling.

Rather than uploading an outdated backup, I think I am going to start anew, and work on sticking to a posting pattern. I am going to back date posts to when I first started on this site, so expect to see some new posts with a huge gap and some old posts.

I plan on following the schedule listed and adding the content saved back onto the site slowly:

Sunday : Blogs
Monday : Menus
Tuesday : Tips & Gadgets
Wednesday : Woman of Christ
Thursday : Cocktail/Beverage recipes
Friday : Recipes
Saturday : Green Living, homesteading, etc
So, here’s to new beginnings…

Thanks for stopping by to visit my little blog. I hope you find something her you can use. This site has undergone few hosting changes and is currently being revamped content wise. Please bear with me as I expect this to take awhile – Emmmmerz

I got site hosting for my birthday, a web editor for Christmas, and a few domains as well, so at last I figured out what to do with this one!

Anyways, I love to cook, and tend to collect both recipes, and kitchen gadgets, so in a way this site is an eventuality. 🙂

I will probably be posting wishlists for family members and other such trivial things, but for the most part it will be the finished formatted recipes I love; sprinkled with some of the cool tools that pop out, and grab my attention.