30 DoBH – 1
April 5, 2012, 10:53 pm
Filed under: Random

Day 01 — The one thing that it seems like everyone else on the planet is into but I just cannot stand is…

TOMs shoes. They are beyond ugly. To the point that Crocs are fashionable. And there isn’t anything redeeming about them other than the fact that they give to the needy, but you can do that without looking hideous.

Online exclusive! That means you can't find this style in stores or anywhere else. Just here (while they last).

The FEED 12 Classics = 12 school meals & one pair of new shoes. Featuring burlap construction and letterpress print. And they're available just in time for Mother's Day! Brighten the day for two moms this year with the FEED 12 Classics. Why school meals? 66 million children attend classes hungry across the developing world. Being hungry is not only painful and distracting, but can also weaken cognitive function - permanently. TOMS' ongoing commitment to improving the lives of children made this partnership with FEED Projects a natural fit. With your help, we're giving more children a better chance at being healthy and educated.

Now for the sake of not looking like a self righteous bitch, I really do admire the company and the mission behind it. I just really wish they had tried to have a slight modicum of elegance and fashion when they designed the shoes. I understand that the shoes need to be uni-sex and cheap t make, but can’t I choose a style to send to the needy while wearing something I actually like?

And to the people who DO actually like them: it takes all kinds, k? You probably don’t like to eat avocado with just salt, pepper and a spoon.


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