30 DoBH – 6
April 10, 2012, 1:19 am
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Day 06 — My worst cooking disaster involved _____________ and this person/these people…

Alright, I cook a LOT, so will have to think about this one… Umm.. -ponders-

Three cardinal rules for fixing kitchen disasters
1. DON’T PANIC. When kitchen disaster strikes, stay cool. Don’t stare at the not-so-perfect looking food and cry. Stop thinking you failed. You didn’t. You just haven’t succeeded YET. And you still can.
2. RESIST THE INSTINCT TO DUMP THE FOOD INTO THE TRASH CAN. Most disasters can be fixed and the food doesn’t have to go to waste.
3. REMEMBER SOLUTIONS THAT HAVE WORKED IN THE PAST. Once you find a solution to fix a particular disaster, remember why you had to use it in the first place. That way, you won’t repeat the mistake that prompted you to use that solution in the first place.

Probably gonna have to go with the daily disaster….



I suck at cleaning!

I love to cook, but the dishes and the cleanup afterwards can and do give me nightmares. I really don’t understand why this is so, but it’s not uncommon to sneak into my house and see a horribly tall pile of dishes, and empty wrappers and miscellaneous trash all over my kitchen counters. I usually have to wash pots, pans and bowls to cook in when I get the urge to create a culinary delight.


My poor husband, when he is home, is is pretty good at keeping this chaos under control, but with him being deployed every so often (Whew, the life of a USAF spouse!) the kitchen turns into a disaster zone. Almost worth the yellow hazard tape.

This classifies as a deep dark secret, because whenever I have guests, my house is as close to spotless as time and my laziness permits.


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Hey emmmmerz! The yellow tape made me laugh. Don’t worry sweetie, you’re not alone! I can relate to this blog post of yours. If there’s one thing I hate to clean after cooking are the pots and pans and the stove top. I find it so frustrating to clean those. It takes me forever! (and ever and ever) 😀

Also, you can just call me Miko 🙂 (that’s my nickname, believe it or not)


Comment by Jenn

Haha, that makes me feel so much better! Glad I succeeded in soliciting a giggle, one of my daily goals (:

It’s nice to meet you Miko, I am really enjoying this blogging challenge, should be fun to see all the different responses this month (:


Comment by emmmmerz

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