Does the alcohol really cook out? (posts of years past) #archives #rewind #oldblogposts

This is a bit of a ‘dry’ post (sorry, lame joke!) so please bare with me, there’s a momentous bit of information to cover! Contrary to what most people believe, (and that includes most professionals,) when using beer, wine or other alcoholic beverages in recipes, a good percentage of alcohol is left after cooking. Like salt, alcohol brings out the flavor in food. Whether you’re cooking with wine, beer, or liquor, the alcohol in those beverages improves flavor perception in at least two important ways: by evaporation and by molecular bonding. Many dishes incorporate alcoholic beverages into the food itself. Such dishes include coq au vin, chicken cacciatore, and boeuf bourguignon. More modern examples are beer grilled chicken and bratwursts boiled in beer. Adding beer, instead of water, to chili during cooking is common. An overnight marinade of chicken, pork or beef in beer and spices is another example of alcohol use. Alcohol has a lower boiling point than other liquids

Source: Alcohol in Cooking

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