30 DoBH – 11

Day 11 — When I’ve had a really bad day the first thing (not person) I reach for is…


Which explains both my expanded waistline and my expected early on-set of Diabetes.


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30 DoBH – 10

Day 10 — The last time I snooped into something I wasn’t supposed to (like a medicine cabinet in a friend’s bathroom), I found…

Nothing interesting. LOL, I have to admit, I am very nosy, and my friends know this about me. And I am upfront about stuff, so I don’t keep secrets. Even if I had found a dildo at my friend’s house while she was out of town, I wouldn’t have been shocked.


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30 DoBH – 9

Day 09 — When the cashier gives me this amount of money for change I know it’s too much money to dump in the charity bucket…

Bigger than a $5 bill. Yes, I get yelled at by my husband. BUT I am usually shopping at my local Commissary (military grocery store) anyways, so any pocket money goes to the baggers anyways, since they work solely for tips. So it’s pretty common for whatever cash I have to disappear, one way or another.

Below I’ve listed a few military charities, simply because they hit so close to home, as I am a military child, and a military spouse. Please support the troops!


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30 DoBH – 8

Day 08 — If I could afford it, the piece of famous artwork you would find in my home is…

A Four season set of Thomas Kinkade paintings. His work has always spoken to me so powerfully. I am truly heartbroken that he has been called away from this Earth.


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30 DoBH – 7

Day 07 — I went to see a psychic, and was given the opportunity to ask three questions – I would ask…

Well… I really don’t believe in psychics. So I honestly don’t know what I would ask, or if I would just turn around and just leave. To me, they are simply entertainment.


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30 DoBH – 6

Day 06 — My worst cooking disaster involved _____________ and this person/these people…

Alright, I cook a LOT, so will have to think about this one… Umm.. -ponders-


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30 DoBH – 5

Day 05 —This is embarrassing but on average I cause the toilet to overflow about this many times a year because of deposits I made…

Erm… what a disgusting thing to blog about D:

I am not afraid to admit I avoid discussion of this room at all costs. I would rather trip and break a toe than talk about it.


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30 DoBH – 4

A blogger friend I’ve known for over five years told me she has been blogging anonymously all this time and most of what I know about her is her fantasy. My reaction to the news is…

Bitch. You’ve waited five years to tell me this?


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30 DoBH – 3

Regardless of my current status, do I believe a person should save themself for marriage…

Yes. Just yes. I have seen so many couples with problems in their marriage that come from this simple little thing. And ONE couple that actually did it, and I am very jealous of their marriage, as it is one of the few that I have found that is continuously better than my own. And I have to admit I am very proud of my marriage, as I feel very blessed by my husband, and now our son.


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30 DoBH – 2

Not including food, blogging or television, my most guilty pleasure (this includes chocolate)…

Picking at my peeling skin D: Whether it’s from a sunburn, my dry lips, my feet being gross, or even a blister on my hands, I can not resist.


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30 DoBH – 1

Day 01 — The one thing that it seems like everyone else on the planet is into but I just cannot stand is…

TOMs shoes. They are beyond ugly. To the point that Crocs are fashionable. And there isn’t anything redeeming about them other than the fact that they give to the needy, but you can do that without looking hideous.


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